Never Too Old to Exercise

Jan 20th, 2012

I love looking out for examples of people pushing their limits when it comes to health and fitness. Getting past excuses is something that most people will never do. To me a 20-30 year old guy bench pressing 300lbs is not an impressive feat, it’s just a case of putting in the time at the gym and training in the right way by increasing poundage on the bar or the number of reps on each trip. Sooner or later that target will be reached.

[I found this pic yesterday, it features Jean deadlifting 153lbs at 82 years of age. She doesn't seem like the kind of person to make excuses when it comes to her health.]

There’s a guy who comes to my gym, he’s the most inspiring person there! He’s a regular who sticks to the cable machines. As far as I can tell the weights that he lifts are not that heavy. But he’s there every couple of days working out. “Why is he so impressive?” you might ask. Well this particular guy is disabled, in fact to look at him (and I mean no disrespect here) you could say that doing anything at the gym was near impossible, and yet there he is showing everyone that excuses are just excuses. No one has a reason not to work on their health and fitness. They are so fundamental to having a better life.

The woman in the picture above is also hugely inspiring, in fact she can out-deadlift most of the young guys I see deadlifting.

So the question is what are your excuses? I’ve heard “I’m sick”, “I’ve got a sore (insert body part)”, “I don’t have time (yet spends time playing flash games on the internet or watching TV) and a whole manner of other things.

My advice is to find someone around you who inspires you because they are not adhering to the norm. Let them push you to greater levels of fitness and health and shame you when you come up with something rediculous that stops you.

  1. Robert
    Feb 13th, 2012 at 01:30
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    Jack LaLanne exemplifies the notion that you are never to old to exercise. The guy was a machine.

  2. Sam- Look Like An Athlete
    Mar 2nd, 2012 at 06:36
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    I agree 100 percent! We should all be exercising no matter what age we are. In fact, even at old age exercise can reverse the effects of aging.


  3. Phill Coxon
    Mar 4th, 2012 at 23:08
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    That is an AWESOME pic!